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Otaku - Takashi Murakami

Otaku - Takashi Murakami

Hi, I'm Masako, and Tokyo is my city!
I'm an Otaku messenger, and I love manga and

(Narrator): Today Masako has to deliver a
package to Takashi Murakami, who happens to be
the most famous contemporary artist in Japan.

Masako: Murakami-san?

Takashi Murakami: Thanks alot! Are you a

Masako: I'm a messenger!

Takashi Murakami: What's with the arm band?

Masako: It's Cautro's logo! Hehehehe...

Takashi Murakami: Hehehehehe... (making fun of her a little) ::laughs::

(Narrator): This is the place where Murakami
and his team create their works. The art of
Murakami combines the multicolored, imaginative
world of manga and anime with pop art and
graphic design. He represents a whole generation of
Japanese artists, leading the otaku
movement to the highest echelon of international
contemporary art.

Takashi Murakami: The Japanese government constructs
lots of museums for western art, but there are
none for manga.

(narrator): He calls his art "superflat", or
tablet art, which also refers to the lack of depth of actual Japanese images.

Takashi Murakami: when we were in the Venice biennial,
the same organizers, such as Morikawa and its
collaborators, provided the funding.

When I was 24 years old I had a crisis in my career
as an otaku. I was at the point of abandoning it, because
I had no money to buy myself a video producer/creator (a
device for creating videos). When the otaku
gets to that point, like Toshio Okada or Miyazaki, where they
don't need to buy so much, then they can relax more.

(Narrator): Now we are sure that Murakami
won't have these money problems. These days his
work is well known. Besides working with
other artists of his generation, he has worked with Louis Vuitton and Nison

Takashi Murakami: The anime that I like most are
those of Hayao Miyazaki and Gainax,
the creators of Evangelion. Since I'm from the first generation
of Otakus, I really like the anime classics.

(Narrator): The painting we're looking at is one Murakami
has autographed. However, don't think that Murakami
only creates art for the museums! You can find some of
his creations on the streets! For example, this is the
the Pivo, automobile of Nison.

Masako: Isn't it incredible?

(Narrator): Of course, it's advanced, but the most fascinating
feature is its ability to change direction without moving!
Murasaki believes it's the only vehicle he'd trade his bike for!

Till Next Time Friends!
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