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I really enjoy discovering artsy/weird/beautiful/obscure animes and this community was a brilliant way for me to find out about ones I otherwise might have never had the opportunity to watch. But this group has been pretty quiet for some time now...

I understand that a lot of people use facebook, so I've decided to make a similar group to this community over there. Perhaps some might find use for it, who knows... I'm hoping it might be a way for me (and others) to discover more beautiful bizzarre animes :).

Jetter Mars

Tezuka's Jetter Mars Icons

I've got some icons for an overlooked Tezuka anime. Jetter Mars was an anime that was originally planned to be an Astroboy remake but due to Mushi productions being out of business, Tezuka went to Toei Animation to make a new robot series called Jetter Mars. It's been criticized for being similar to Astroboy by the Tezuka fandom. I watched some episodes of this series and I think it's actually one of the better animes he worked on. Jetter Mars' main themes are anti-war and about Mars growing up and learning to understand humans, morals and the world around him. It's also neat that it is different than Astroboy despite being made when Tezuka was under financial stress.

80 Icons

25 - Pokemon
25 - Kirby
15 - Astroboy (2003)
15 - Jetter Mars


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Have any of you seen this and what did you make of it? Also, for those of you who have seen Texhnolyze, without spoiling anything for me, is it really that difficult to watch?
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