yuki_the_prince (yuki_the_prince) wrote in indie_anime,

Tekkonkinkreet Black&White

Who else has picked it up and seen it yet? There have been mixed reviews for the film. After seeing the film I have to say I like the manga better but that's probably the case for lots of people. (It isn't really the easiest thing to cram so much into a film) The animation itself is worth the watch and I would seriously say "pick it up" to most folks. I especially enjoyed some of the surreal stuff near the end of the film. Anyway, the film comes with The Making of Tekkonkinkreet-Director Micheal Arias 300-Day Diary, A Conversation with Director Micheal Arias and British Music Duo Plaid, as well as Film Commentary.

Who else has seen it? What do you think of the film?
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